Visit Corsica: 3 things that you should know to plan the perfect holiday

visit Corsica: 3 things to know


If you plan your vacation painstakingly, or if you’re real genius of the “last minute organization”, it doesn’t matter: you have chosen to spend your next holiday in Corsica. And, obviously, this holiday must be simply perfect.

In this case, there are three things that you really should know:

  1. How to get there. An obvious detail: Corsica is an island, so you can get there by ferry or by airplace. There are four international airports (Ajaccio, Figari, Bastia and Calvi) on the island but very few direct flights from Italy to Corsica. The ferry trip is the best solution: the ports of departure are numerous and the departures are several throughout the day.
  2. Moving around. Car and motorcycle are the recommended ways to move around Corsica, since Corsican road network is widespread and well-maintained. The bus service is fairly widespread but only in Summer. Ajaccio-Bastia, Ajaccio-Calvi and Bastia-Calvi are, in practice, the only three railway lines on the island.
  3. The best part. Choose the best part for a vacation depends on the type of holiday you’d like to spend: beaches, diving, hiking, with children, nightlife, “on the road”, cities to visit. In all these cases, you can be sure that Corsica has really much to offer. You only need to choose the where to stay.


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