What to eat in Corsica during your holidays: 7 typical dishes

what to eat in Corsica

You already know which are the typical dishes of Corsica. Obviously, eating them all is really hard, unless you don’t mind coming back home heavier. But there are some things that you should eat during your holidays in Corsica. Here there are 7 typical dishes.

  1. Charcuterie. It’s the classic appetizer of Corsica. Famous especially for the fresh meat they’re prepared with: prisutto (ham dehydrated for 18 months), figatellu (liver sausage with wine), lonzu (filet of pork preserved under a layer of fat).
  2. Brocciu. If you say cheese in Corsica, you say brocciu. White and tender, it’s a fresh cheese similar to the “ricotta”. It’s used in a lot of dishes like soups, omelette and lasagnas.
  3. Grilled fish. Don’t forget that Corsica is an isle. And so every dish with fish is an authentic pleasure. Especially the grilled fish: swordfish, tuna, shrimps and shellfishes.
  4. Civet de Sanglier. Another great dish of Corsica. The wild boar meat is prepared in a pot with carrots, chestnuts, fennel, garlic and onion.
  5. Bouillarbasse. You won’t eat a fish soup like this in any part of the world. Scorpionfish, surmullet and tub gurnard  are the base of this recipe. It’s served with the rouille, a sauce made with breadcrumbs, olive oil, saffron and chili pepper.
  6. Veau aux olive. The lamb with olives is prepared in every part of Corsica. It’s cooked slowly, so the taste is enhanced.
  7. Fiadone. And finally a dessert. A pie with brocciu and lemon.

Here is what to eat in Corsica during your holiday. Did you already do the itinerary of your trip? Now you just have to do one thing: book your ferry trip to Corsica.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/edsel_

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