Five tips for a trip to Corsica [INFO]

what to see in Corsica


Wild nature, unforgettable beaches and sites of great historical importance: this is Corsica, one of the top islands chosen by European tourists for their summer holidays. Corsica has one for every taste: nature lovers, history lovers, as well as fans of outdoor activities or holidays in total relaxation on the beach.

Let’s go through five of the most beautiful attractions Corsica has to offer, to guide those who are planning to spend their holidays in this island, considering these strategic sites as part of an itinerary aimed at discovering its different ‘facets’.


  • Sentier des Douaniers (Customs Officers’ Route) is true peace of mind for nature lovers. This incredible coastal path, which runs along North-East of Corsica, between its sea and mountains, is ideal for exploring and connecting with the wildest part of the island.
  • Touring Bastia, Corsica’s second biggest city, is highly recommendable to those who are passionate about the traditions and history of the places they visit.
  • Restonica Gorges, just a few miles from the city of Corte, is the ideal place to take another dip into Corsica’s wild nature. The awesome rocks and dense vegetation surrounding the river constitute a breathtaking view.
  • And then we arrive in Ajaccio, where we must see Napoleon’s house. Maison Bonaparte is one of the main attractions for tourists, so much that it has become a national museum.
  • Finally, let’s take a little, well-deserved time to relax on the beach in the eastern territory of Bonifacio, between beautiful beaches and coves.


Book your ferry to Corsica now and depart for the island.

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