When to go to Corsica? The best period for your travel

Where to go to CorsicaYou have chosen this island as a destination for your next holiday. And the reasons are various: beautiful beaches, the opportunity to practice different sports, towns to visit, lush vegetation to discover. But when to go to Corsica in order to find the optimum for your holiday?


High season

The period from June to August is the best time to go to Corsica if you desire to comfortably lie down on one of the numerous (and beautiful) beaches of this destination. Temperatures are typically Mediterranean. They will contribute to make your excursions and the various sports that can be practiced in Corsica even more pleasant.

But this is also high season. So the price of hotels, B&Bs and, in general, of your accommodation could be quite high. It is also the period during which Corsica records the greatest inflow of tourists from all over Europe.


Low season

Lucky people who can take a holiday during spring (from April to June approximately) and autumn (September-October) will find a pleasant climate, high temperatures, moderate crowd of tourists, and lower prices than in the high season. The low season is recommended to fans of hiking, diving, nature walks and sports in general.

The drawback in this period is represented by beaches: temperatures are not so high for swimming or sunbathing. You might run into a few days of rain, but it will not ruin your vacation.

Have you chosen when to go to Corsica according to the kind of vacation you would like to live? So now you just have one thing to do: book in time your ferry trip.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/marcovdz

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