Where is the Strait of Bonifacio? Ready for your journey to Corsica

where is the Strait of Bonifacio

Don’t laugh if you read this question: it’s more common than you think. Because you hear a lot about this popular and attractive tourist destination. Destination that you also want to visit during your next holiday. Still, you do not know where is the Strait of Bonifacio, necessary information to organize the trip.


Where is the strait

The name Strait of Bonifacio indicates the strait that separates Corsica from Sardinia, and the strait is only 11 kilometers wide at the narrowest point. The name comes from the town of Bonifacio, in Corsica. And the city has the name of the marquis Boniface II of Tuscany.


Photos of the Strait of Bonifacio

Why is this place so popular, especially among vacationers? As you may have guessed, this is a wonderful place to visit during a trip along the south coast of Corsica (or along the north coast of Sardinia). To give an idea of what kind of place we’re talking about, there are pictures of the seven most beautiful places on the Strait of Bonifacio.


What to see in Bonifacio

And here there is one of the Corsican cities to visit. The things to see in Bonifacio are really several. We have just presented the Strait. A walk in the citadel is like a time travel. The aquarium is an attraction for the whole family.


How to get there

Have you seen where is the Strait of Bonifacio? Now, there is only one thing to do to get there: book a ferry ticket to Corsica.


Image source: “Bocche di Bonifacio” di Sempreblu07 – Opera propria. Con licenza Pubblico dominio tramite Wikimedia Commons

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