Where to do mountain biking in Corsica: the 5 best areas for true bike enthusiasts

MTB Corsica

It is one of the main sports that can be practiced in Corsica. A sport that will give you the opportunity to cycle through breathtaking scenery, poised between seas and mountains. Since you are true mountain bikers, and since there is no holiday for you without your trusted two-wheels, here are the best areas of Corsica to do mountain biking.



  • The so-called “dito della Corsica” (the peninsula which is located at the north of the island);
  • Corte (west of Ajaccio);
  • Between Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio (along the southern coast of Corsica)
  • Ponte Leccia (in the heart of northern Corsica);
  • Ostriconi (not far from the splendid sea of ​​the northern coast).

These, in absolute terms, are the best areas of Corsica where you can ride on mountain bikes. Here there are several paths that cross the heights of the area and overlook the sea. The paths are well marked and there are various difficulties, so as to meet both the beginner and the more experienced always looking for new adventures and emotions.


The characteristics of the territory

What makes Corsica so special for MTB? Surely the unique characteristics of its territory. An area, inland, which immediately becomes rugged and mountainous, drawing wild and uncontaminated landscapes, sometimes burned by the sun or surrounded by lush forests, which will make the joy of all MTB fans.


For the most enterprising…

…there are also the mountains of Corsica. Recommended especially for trekking, they offer several MTB trails. But you have to be careful, as these are very difficult and challenging areas (six, to be precise): so either you are very prepared or it is always better to be accompanied by a more experienced friend.


How to get

You have to do a very simple thing: book a place on one of the ferries to Corsica that arrives near the area you have chosen for the MTB. We suggest you to board a car on the ferry, on which you can put your bike and everything you need to enjoy this holiday full of sport and open air.

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