Breath-taking discoveries: the 5 best wild beaches in Corsica

Corsica wild beaches

The journey is starting. What you need to put in your bag to find out the 5 best wild beaches of Corsica is adventurous spirit and curiosity. The coastline is full of picturesque and unique bays.

Let’s start.

  1. Ficajola beach: what opens in front of the eyes of travelers is a small cozy and quiet bay, sheltered from the confusion and crowds. The coastline is of medium size, the sandy beach thouches a turquoise and clear sea. It is located in the village of Piana, there are not restaurants but only a bar.
  2. Scandola Nature Reserve: a natural paradise on the western side of the island. This reserve is characterized by reddish, steep and jagged cliffs, very charming, with small coves where you can stop to contemplate nature. The sea is tinged with unique shades from green to blue and gives a sense of priceless peace.
  3. Tamarone beach: in the town of Macinaggio, near Rogliano, is located this bay, one of the best wild beaches of Corsica. Before reaching the destination and meet the sea, you need to walk along a dirt road. This distance serves as protection and makes the place a little and intimate nook to find your own pace and your own wellness, in contact with nature.
  4. Cala Paraguano beach: the southern coast of the island is enhanced thanks to the beauty of this bay, which has the charm of a desert island, near the town of Bonifacio. There is a sandy beach, a crystal clear sea and all-around exists a peace without equal. There are no services available on the beach, so you can enjoy a certain tranquility, for total relaxation.
  5. Cateraggio beach: after a few minutes walk, in a rich and perfumed vegetation, you arrive at the beach characterized by soft and white sand and crystal-clear sea. A quiet place, where abandon any tension and enjoy the wonder. It is located a few kilometers from Porto Vecchio; from here you can see the Chiappa’s lighthouse.

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