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Corsica language

What language is spoken in Corsica? You have 3 chances

Probably, since you are asking this question, it will be your first time in Corsica. And you are therefore wondering what language is spoken. This question is more than legitimate, given that this island has had a very particular history and, like Italy, has seen the succession of different cultures and dominations. Anyway, to ask […]

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typical sweet of Corsica

The fiadone with brocciu: all the taste of one of the most typical sweets of Corsica

  Corsica, in addition to the opportunity for all its visitors to discover unforgettable places, can also  boast a great culinary tradition. And since you are hopelessly (and justified) gluttons, this could be considered the typical sweet of Corsica par excellence: the fiadone with brocciu.   The ingredients To prepare the typical Corsican fiadone, it […]

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