From Piombino to Bastia: ferry information and reservations

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Routes from Piombino to Bastia

How to book a ferry from Piombino to Bastia, information on ticket prices and offers

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Travel times, frequency and timetables for fast routes to Bastia

The Piombino Bastia route connects Italy with Corsica. For the Piombino – Bastia route there are 3 weekly ferries, up to two departures a day and the crossing has a duration varying from 2 hours and 25 minutes to 3 hours and 30 minutes. The duration of the navigation and the frequency can vary according to the period. This is why it is advisable to carry out a search before the time of departure.

Car boarding from Piombino, luggage and animals on board

It is always advisable to go to the port about 2 hours in advance. Follow the information of the staff to board and do not forget to leave your luggage in your car, you can bring a hand baggage in the cabin.

Animals are always welcome on board, just get a health document with the appropriate vaccinations and the identification document of the pet.

Companies with routes from Piombino

The shipping company serving the Piombino Bastia route is Corsica Sardinia Ferries, a leader in the maritime transport sector.

Ferry services for Bastia

The shipping company that operates the Piombino – Bastia route is Corsica Sardinia Ferries. During the navigation path you can relax on comfortable armchairs or take advantage of the various services on board available to passengers such as the bar or the TV room.

Ideas for holidays: what to visit, see and do in Bastia

On the east coast of Corsica there is Bastia, situated right in front of Italy,  which overlooks the Tuscan archipelago. It is a real paradise for hikers as it boasts a vast nature reserve. Similar to Venice, the part of the Vieux Port is ideal for a walk and then reach the splendid Romieu garden.

The port of Bastia is one of the main junctions where ferries to Corsica dock. The port is located in the center of the city and is the main hub of the Mediterranean for passenger traffic.

Further routes from Piombino

From the port of Piombino you can choose to leave for one of the following destinations: Piombino- Porto Vecchio, Piombino- Bastia.